At Elevated Ambitions we have 2 goals

1 – Build a network of qualified Candidates
2 – Help aspiring entrepeneurs develop

To be a part of our network:
Please submit a resume and some information about yourself. Understand that this is not a traditional job opportunity and Elevated Ambitions LLC is not a traditional company. We are looking for specialized talent who would take a leadership role in certain business ventures or individual projects. We want people with an intense desire to succeed.
When providing information about yourself, please do not be generic. Take this very informally and know that we are open to fringe candidates. We want the dreamers. Tell us about projects you have always wanted to work on but may not be “mainstream”. Tell us about the questions you’ve always wanted answered. Tell us what your greatest interests are and what specialized knowledge you possess.
:Aspiring Enrepeneurs
Please submit an executive summary about your idea. It does not have to be too detailed. We may or may not be able to help you. If we can contribute to your business we will set up a meeting and discuss the details and sign nondisclosure agreements.
We are looking for investments too revolutionary for the mainstream. Our goal, is too invest in projects that contribute to the betterment of human civilization. We do not want the traditional investments, only the spectacular.
Please fill out the form below to become part of our network.
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